Chobe Photographic Safaris

Chobe Photographic Safaris

Our Chobe photographic safaris are conducted inside and along the Chobe national park. The park is in the northern part of Botswana and is well known for its natural abundance of wildlife. The Chobe River forms the north border of the park. There is a 4 x 4 track road along most of the river. The Chobe River Drive is a spectacular route. What makes this river drive unique is the combination of mammals, birds, and reptiles inside and along the Park. The riverine forest is the ideal nesting ground for some of the larger raptors in Botswana. Chobe park is perfect for both amateur and professional photographers. The variety of subjects and landscapes are phenomenal.

Chobe photographic safaris are becoming increasingly more popular. The reason is that you can experience such a large variety of wildlife at close range. The combination of open safari vehicles and riverboats gives you a sense of unobstructed views. Professionals Photographers will be guiding the Chobe photographic safaris. This Photographic Safari is the perfect combination to enjoy and learn about wildlife photography.

Chobe park offers river views and floodplains. The mopane and teak forests are home to browsers and rare species. The elevated viewpoints provide spectacular sunset views over the floodplains. It is not uncommon to see some of the largest elephant herds in the world.

What sets Chobe photographic safaris apart.

These Chobe photographic safaris are by professionals in open game drive vehicles. The combination of safari and river cruise gives you a different perspective and angle on photography. Our riverboats have specialised tripods and come with fixed lenses for your use. Chobe photographic safaris offer a new experience in photography while staying on a houseboat on the Chobe River.

An essential part of our Chobe photographic safaris is to do a thorough briefing on wildlife behaviour. Then it is vital to getting to know your camera. One of the more difficult skill tests will be bird photography. The bird Photography is one of the most skilled exercises we will cover on our safaris. You can select a range of photographic safaris packages. These safaris are regular departures, but you have a choice to partake on your private safari.

We have partnered with the best operators in offering you the best photographic experiences in Chobe national park.  These safaris are on a scheduled basis. You can also book your private safaris. We invite you to select any of our Chobe photographic safaris below.

You are welcome to contact us for any private tailor-made safaris.

USD2450 for 6 Days

6 Day Chobe Photographic safari.  Experience the best that Chobe National Park has to offer. Touch up on your Photographic skills. Capture the moment. 
USD2850 for 7 days

7 Day Advanced Chobe Wildlife Photography Safari is the ideal opportunity for the experienced wildlife photographer who wish to sharpen up their skills.
USD790 for 3 Days

Chobe Photographic Tour gives you the opportunity to capture wildlife with the assistance of a professional guide and photographer. Book Now.