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Camp savuti

Camp Savuti

Chobe Chilwero Lodge

Chobe Chilwero Lodge

Chobe river cottage swimming pool

Chobe River Cottages

Kwalape Safari Lodge

Kwalape Safari Lodge

Camp Linyanti

Camp Linyanti

Ghoha Hills Eco Lodge

Ghoha Hills Eco Lodge

Pangolin Voyager Houseboat in Chobe National Park

Pangolin Voyager Houseboat

Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent lodge in the Chobe National Park

Chobe Game Lodge

Thebe Lodge

Thebe Lodge

Chobe Princess Houseboats

Chobe Princess Houseboats

River View Lodge

Muchenje campsite

Muchenje Campsite

Travelodge Kasane

Travelodge Kasane

Chobe Water Villas

Chobe Water Villas

Jackaberry Chobe Lodge view over Chobe River

Jackalberry Chobe Lodge

Chobe Lodge Safaris

Chobe Lodge Safaris inside the Chobe National Park provides a unique wildlife and luxury experience to travellers. Not all travellers seek a budget camping or participation safari. In general, the overland tours are perfect for the more budget-conscious traveller. In general, Overland tours are cheap to purchase. The hidden costs are the optional activities on offer. You receive budget accommodation, budget food and stay on the main routes as you cannot access remote and exclusive destinations. Optional excursions will incur extra costs.

Chobe Lodge safaris, on the other hand, offer 90% of the time a fully inclusive package. These packages on face value seem expensive. Once you have visited these remote locations, you will understand the logistical challenge that these lodges have overcome. Chobe Lodge safaris usually are in the heart of an exclusive concession. These locations allow you to experience uninterrupted wildlife. The lodge safaris offer personalised service and accommodation. These services come at a cost but allow for a vast and extraordinary wilderness and wildlife experience.

What sets Chobe Lodge safaris Apart?

  • The Wildlife of the Chobe National Park is unique.
  • Experiencing the Chobe River.
  • The unfenced Chobe Camping Sites.
  • The high concentration of wildlife in Chobe.

Chobe Lodge safaris offer a level of comfort while visiting these fantastic wilderness areas.  You can base yourself in Kasane and undertake day trips into the Chobe National Park. The fly-in lodge safaris are with charter planes and the ground staff of remote and exclusive lodges. All the food, equipment, drinks and even rubbish flies to and from these lodges. The advantage is that some of these lodges only sleep a maximum of 12 - 16 people at any given point in time. The logistics of running these lodges add to the price but also the level of exclusive experience in the wild.

Botswana is a costly destination. However, these costs are offering unique and remote wilderness experiences. The philosophy of Botswana is to reduce overnight visitors by charging a slightly higher price. The local safari guides are professional and offer local knowledge of the natural wilderness.

The safari vehicles and backup systems are customs for rough terrains. These vehicles are open game drive vehicles with great views from the seating arrangements. The small air crafts that are for fly safaris are perfect in reaching these remote locations. When choosing a Chobe Lodge safaris package, you can select a fully inclusive option. These fully inclusive means all accommodations, meals, and activities are included in your bag.

Discover the jewel of Botswana. Explore a tented camp a tree lodge or a stone lodge. You can even book a mobile camping safari and combine this with a lodge safari. We have selected some of the most popular routes below.

The Best of Chobe Safari - 7 Days in Chobe National Park


Great Value for Money

Look no further! Get 2 safaris per day + photographic guide + meals + accommodation

Enjoy The Best of Chobe Safari and go on a game drive or boat cruise twice a day. Stay in a luxury camp and the beautiful Chobe Hotel.


The best of Botswana luxury lodge safari. Exclusive comfort within the wilderness of Botswana. Fly in safari holiday package.


Choose between a 3 or 4-day Chobe Garden Lodge Safari. Stay in Kasane at the lodge and go on safari inside the Chobe National Park. 


Chobe Okavango Fly in Safari Combines the best of Chobe with the best of Okavango. Experience the wildlife and pristine waterways of Botswana. Book here.


The Chobe Safari from Livingstone takes guests to the Victoria falls, Zambezi River and Chobe National Park. This safari offers luxury accommodation.


Our 6-Day Chobe Savuti Safari is a fly-in, luxury lodge safari. Explore the best Chobe National Park has to offer with this fully inclusive package. 


The Four Rivers safari is a fully-inclusive lodge safari. Experience the Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Okavango Rivers over 14 days!

FROM: R2400

Ngoma Victoria Falls Lodge Safaris offer a combination of two excellent lodges. Stay in Zimbabwe and in Botswana with the best sunset views. 


Okavango Lodge safari will take us to the Pan handle of the Okavango River. We visit all the contributory rivers to the Okavango. 


The fully inclusive Romantic Botswana Safari from Kasane to Maun is the perfect honeymoon for travellers seeking an exclusive experience. Enquire Now. 


Sussi Chuma Chobe Chilwero offers a 7 day luxury bush experience. Combine Chobe and Livingstone and enjoy the splendour of the bush breakaway.

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