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Chobe Game Lodge Tours

Chobe Savuti Safari

Maun livingstone camping safari

3-Day Chobe Camping Safari

Okavango Lodge Safari in Chobe

Okavango Lodge Safari

okavango chobe victoria falls

Okavango – Chobe – Victoria Falls

Four rivers safari

Four Rivers Safari

Botswana Adventure Safari in Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta.

Botswana Adventure Safari

Chobe photographic Tour

Chobe Photographic Safari

Boat cruises in Chobe National Park, Botswana

Boat Cruise & Game Drive Day Trip

Chobe Safaris

Chobe Safaris inside the Chobe National Park. Chobe Park is one of Best National Parks in Botswana.  This unique national park offers 4x4 roads along with an abundance of wildlife. Chobe safaris provide a variety of safari options to travellers. We have selected a range of safaris that includes a visit to the Chobe National Park. You can choose the level of comfort and adventure on your Chobe safari. Chobe safaris are rated one of the best wildlife experiences in the world. Plan your visit to Chobe National Park. You can stay inside the park or outside on the outskirts of the Park. The Chobe is very accessible and one can do daily visits inside the Park.

Chobe Activities

Chobe Day Trips: You can visit the Chobe Park on an open game drive vehicle and experience the wildlife of Botswana. You can also select a boat trip and enjoy a game viewing or sunset boat trip on the Chobe River.

Photographic Safari: Join a team of professional photographers and learn the art of wildlife photography. Wildlife photography is more than just capturing animals and landscapes. You are able to learn techniques and functions of your camera equipment. Learn how to catch the action and compose your photographs. This Photographic safari will give you an added advantage before you start your Botswana Safari.

Multi-Day Camping Safari

These multiday safaris are inclusive safaris. These safaris will include park fees, entrance fees, all camping equipment along with meals and game drives. An excellent safari package for the traveller that is on a budget.

Mobile Camping Safaris: Mobile camping safaris will take you into the heart of the Chobe Park. There is usually a camp crew and a passenger crew that will guide you on your safari. These mobile safaris can be anything from 2 days to 21 days. They all pass through Chobe National Park.

Chobe Lodge Safaris: Lodge safaris are fully inclusive safaris with all activities, meals, accommodation inclusive of the packages. You can enjoy the wilderness and bush life within the comfort of your chosen lodge.

Chobe Exclusive Flying Safaris: Flying Safaris is the perfect fully inclusive safari to the discerned traveller. If you seek a level of comfort, Luxury and adventure in the bush. Small charter planes will transfer you to your lodges and destinations of choice. The advantage is the aerial views of Botswana and exclusive remote destinations. Flying Safaris are perfect for travellers with a limit of travel time. You will pay more, but also experience a greater deal more by flying.

Chobe Safaris Highlights

  • Day trips.
  • Multi-Day safaris.
  • You can enjoy Exclusive Safari Packages.
  • Book your Private Safari Tours.
  • Enjoy the Excellent views over the Chobe Floodplains.
  • Drive along the Chobe River.
  • Experience Some of the best Birdwatching in Botswana.


Kasane is a popular destination for all safaris in Botswana. The town is a gateway towards three surrounding countries. Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia are neighbouring Botswana at this point. The town is perfect for a two or three-day stopover, make some vehicle repairs, buy some supplies and experience the Chobe National Park.

Day visits are very popular in the Park. Enjoy an open game drive vehicle with a local guide. Most of the lodges in Kasane and the Park offer whole game drives during your stay. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the Chobe National Park with professional safari guides.

When is a good time to visit Chobe on safari?

Chobe National Park is accessible throughout the year. during the Rainy season from November to April some roads will be closed. However, you can still visit and experience the change of season. The camping safaris are best from May - December every year. Day visit during the rainy season will still allow for excellent wildlife experiences.

The local guides are professional and have years of experience. It is best to partake on a guided safari as an introduction to the park and the animal behaviour. Thereafter you can explore the park once you have an orientation of what the park and the road conditions are about.

Why Choose a Chobe Safari with local companies and guides?

The Chobe park is a huge conservation area and at Kasane, the park meets with the Chobe River. Local knowledge and experience will teach you the behaviour of the animals. You will also have the chance to orientate yourself in the park and familiarise with the roads. As a first visit to the park, the local knowledge is powerful towards your experience and identification of the wildlife and birdlife. A combination of a Chobe Game Drive and a Chobe River Experience will show the contrast of the Park and the behaviour of the animals.

How to Choose your Chobe Safari?

First, decide how you will travel towards the Chobe National Park? Are you joining an existing safari tour or are you flying to Botswana or undertaking a self-drive safari. Once you have chosen your mode of travel to the park, select your time frame within this area of Chobe and Kasane. Select your accommodation or camping site in Chobe or in Kasane. Now we will suggest having at least two full days to visit the Park and the Chobe River. Two days will give you a fair chance to experience a variety of wildlife and birdlife in this region of Chobe.

Chobe Camping Safari is the perfect escape into the wild. Experience the wildlife of Chobe along with spectacular sunsets and game drives. 
SPECIAL OFFER – Good Value for Money


3-Day Chobe Camping Safari

Experience Chobe National Park, Botswana - in ONE day - with both a boat cruise & game drive! Lunch at a lodge is also included.
SPECIAL OFFER – Good Value for Money


Boat Cruise & Game Drive Day Trip

Botswana Adventure Safari is 8 nights of wild camping in Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta.


Botswana Adventure Safari

The Chobe Photographic Safari gives you the opportunity to capture wildlife with the assistance of a professional guide and photographer. Click for more


Chobe Photographic Safari

Our 6-Day Chobe Savuti Safari is a fly-in, luxury lodge safari. Explore the best Chobe National Park has to offer with this fully inclusive package. 


Chobe Savuti Safari

The Four Rivers safari is a fully-inclusive lodge safari. Experience the Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Okavango Rivers over 14 days!


Four Rivers Safari

This Okavango Chobe Victoria Falls package is a tailor made trip for individuals or groups alike. Perfect for the budget conscious traveller in Botswana.


Okavango – Chobe – Victoria Falls

Okavango Lodge safari will take us to the Pan handle of the Okavango River. We visit all the contributory rivers to the Okavango. 


Okavango Lodge Safari

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