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Chobe Marina Lodge offers great Kasane Accommodation

Chobe Marina Lodge

Muchenje Safari Lodge - Kasane Accommodation

Muchenje Safari Lodge

Chobe under canvas

Chobe Under Canvas

Travelodge Kasane

Travelodge Kasane

Savute safari lodge

Savute Safari Lodge

Jackaberry Chobe Lodge view over Chobe River

Jackalberry Chobe Lodge

Chobe Bakwena Lodge

Kasane accommodation: Self-Catering Cottages on the Chobe River

Kasane Self Catering

Chobe elephant camp

Chobe Elephant Camp

Chobe Chilwero Lodge

Chobe Chilwero Lodge

Zambezi Queen

Zambezi Queen Houseboat

Chobe Garden Lodge

The Chobe Garden Lodge

Kwalape Safari Lodge

Kwalape Safari Lodge

Thobolos Bush Lodge

Thobolo’s Bush Lodge

Camp Linyanti

Camp Linyanti

Savuti Camps and Lodges

We offer you the experience of a lifetime by making Savuti camps and lodges in the Savuti region of Chobe National Park more accessible than ever.

You will find this Namibian wilderness towards the southern part of the Chobe Park. The Savuti region is filled with history and the signs of the San people that can be seen on the granite hills.

The principal attraction is the mysterious Savuti channel. It is mostly dry but started flowing in recent years. This channel opens into the Savuti marsh. It is a mini-delta or swampland within the arid Savuti region. There are resident and migrating elephants in the Savuti region. You can stay at Savuti camps and lodges on all sides of the Savuti channel.

This wooded area is known for mopane trees, silver leaf Terminalia, paperbark acacia, and camel thorn trees.  There are three remaining water holes, and the channel still receives water from the Linyanti.

The Savuti region's flora is very similar to Kalahari vegetation. There are many sandy, two-track roads. In the south of the Savuti camp, you will start seeing granite intrusions in the form of Gubatsaa Hills and Ghoha Hills. These are known to be the home of the San rock art galleries.

Savuti forms the border between Chobe, Linyanti, and Moremi. These all lead to the Okavango Delta. Over the year Savuti has become known for the tremendous lion pride hunting elephants at the watering holes. It is not uncommon to have wild dogs, lions, leopard, Hyena and elephant roaming through the Savuti campsite.

Savuti Camps and Lodges:

We recommend staying a minimum of 2 nights when visiting any of the Savuti camps or lodges. It takes 6 - 8 hours from any direction to reach the area. Select your accommodation and stay at least 2-3 days exploring this wilderness. There is an airstrip, and all fly-in safaris can reach the area.


Camp Savuti is great for guests who are looking for exceptional game viewing opportunities. This Meru-style Tented Camp offers luxury in the bush.


Ghoha Hills Eco Lodge is ideal for exceptional game viewing in the Savuti region. The lodge uses solar power and eco-friendly amenities.


Savute Safari Lodge overlooks the Savuti channel. The surroundings are perfect for travellers who want to be very close to nature!


Thobolo's Bush Lodge is super eco-friendly and surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. Situated on the edge of the Barangwe Pans in Botswana.

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