Chobe Boat Cruises

Chobe Boat Cruises

Chobe river cruises

Chobe Boat Cruises

Chobe boat cruises are an amazing way to experience the best of Botswana.

You can get up close to large herds of elephants and other game that are abundant in the Chobe National Park. They tend to make their way to the river for a drink and onto the islands in the river to feast off the sweet grass.  Puku and lechwe antelopes are common on the Chobe floodplains.  Herds of elephants cross the Chobe River to the islands and hippos and crocodiles like to bask in the sun next to the water.

You can choose from a variety of boating options for the Chobe boat cruises. Guests can join a standard cruise on a river cruiser taking about 30-40 people or take a smaller boat and focus on photography and birding.

These boat cruises are perfect for self-driving, then you have the opportunity to further explore the Chobe by yourself.

The bigger boats have bars on board for drinks and soft drinks. All Chobe boat cruises depart from Kasane, the town which borders onto the Chobe national park. There are regular afternoon and morning departures. You can also book a private boat suitable to your time frame.

What can I experience on a Chobe Boat Cruise?

Some of the best photography is possible in the afternoons; the evening light lends itself to excellent photography of the animals and birds as well as the magnificent sunsets over the Chobe River. The mornings are however also very special with the animals heading to the water for a morning drink.

Birding is also excellent along with the river with frequent sightings of African darters, fish eagles, kingfishers and other waders and water birds. The African Skimmer is often seen. This bird is an almost threatened species and a nice one to tick off your birding list.

We recommend a Chobe boat cruise during your visit. You can join one of the more affordable, larger boats. Alternatively, you can opt for a more private and smaller boat on the Chobe River.

Chobe Boat Cruises Highlights

  • You can experience magnificent sunsets from the Chobe River
  • Excellent bird sightings
  • Silent approach to animals
  • Value for money experience
  • Park fees are included in the price

Chobe Boat Cruises Options

  • You can select scheduled cruises shared with other travellers
  • You may also choose a private boat cruise

Scheduled boat cruises will be with other travellers

Private Boat Cruises will be only you and your fellow travellers and a private guide that we arrange

Please see the rates below

Chobe National Park Includes


  • Kasane town transfers
  • Water
  • Soft drinks
Chobe National Park Excludes


  • The Standard Boat Cruise excludes a meal, all others as specified
Chobe National Park Tour Information


DURATION: 1-8 Hours
RATES INFO: Standard Boat Cruise – 3 Hours
  • Transfers, water & soft drinks included
  • Anytime between 6:30 and 18:00
  • The cruise is inclusive of park fees
  • Minimum of 2 people secures a departure
Lunch Boat cruise – 3 Hours
  • Transfers, braai style lunch, soft drinks and water included
  • Departs 12:30
  • Park fees included
  • Minimum of 4 people secures a departure
Sunset Boat Cruise – 3 Hours
  • Transfers, snacks, local wines, beer & soft drinks included
  • Departs 15:00
  • Park fees included
  • Minimum of 2 people secures a departure
Full Day Boat Cruise
  • Transfers, lunch, tea, coffee, water & soft drinks included
  • 10:00 – 18:00
  • The cruise is inclusive of park fees
  • Minimum of 4 people secures a departure
Private Boat Cruises
  • Min 1 person to a maximum of 8 people per boat
  • Private guided river cruise
  • Private groups and families
Rates are per person
Chobe National Park Product Pricing


Chobe Boat Cruises

Date: 2019 2020
Standard Boat Cruise - Anytime for 3 hours BWP 396 BWP 424
Lunch Boat Cruise - 3 hours with lunch BWP 671 BWP 718
Sunset Cruise - 3 hours with snacks and local wines BWP 424 BWP 454
Full-Day Boat Cruise with lunch included BWP 1139 BWP 1 219
Chobe National Park Tour Schedule


Daily Departures

Departs From Kasane Daily

We will collect you from your choice of accommodation or campsite in Kasane.
  • Pangolin Chobe Hotel

    Art hotel in Botswana. Enjoy daily safari and boat cruises for African wildlife sightings. Come photograph the picturesque Chobe National Park.
  • Chobe Savanna Lodge

    Chobe Savanna Lodge is situated on the northern banks of the Chobe River offering a unique view of the Chobe National Park from the Namibian side. 
  • Jackalberry Chobe Lodge

    The Jackalberry Chobe Lodge offers a fully inclusive lodge experience. Stay in luxury rooms that have the best views of the Chobe River.
  • Chobe Bakwena Lodge

    Chobe Bakwena Lodge is located 1.5 km from the place where 4 countries meet, Kazungula, Chobe Bakwena Lodge is built on the banks of the Chobe River.
  • Kasane Self Catering

    Kasane Self Catering River Cottages are perfect for the independent traveler who wants to experience Chobe. Value for money accommodation.
  • Chobe Chilwero Lodge

    Chobe Chilwero Lodge borders on the Chobe National Park. The lodge is built on a hilltop overlooking the Chobe River with fantastic views.